Customs Clearance

Apart from moving goods within the UAE, Customs Clearance remains a necessity for imports and exports, as does the administration and control of associated Duties and Taxes.

QECS offers trustworthy customs clearance services to its customers by ensuring smooth and timely customs clearance so that client receives their goods on time. we understand every bit of clearing and forwarding procedure and help our clients to identify the best possible shipping ways, we have groomed ourselves well to handle any situation with ease. We pay attention to details and utilize our experience, regulatory expertise, and the latest technology of in-house customs documents processing systems directly linked with Dubai customs HQ to ensure that shipment is cleared on time.

Packing & Removal

We have a dedicated team to handle packing and removal jobs from personal effects to Industrial equipment. Our People are technically trained professional packers, movers, loaders, and unloaders who are enriched with relevant experience and expertise in providing hassle-free services. We keenly follow customer requirements and instructions to make sure that the packaging is done to your satisfaction.

Packing and Removals Services include